Sunday, 15 February 2009

Tears hurt. Alot.
They sting.
I often try to push them back in with the palms of my hands,
But they trickle down my wrists.

I've felt a lot of hurt the last few days.
However, there's also been a lot of love too.

Italian meals; bruschetta, pasta, pesto, olives, nyumm. Walks in the night in the snow. Drinking amaretto & guiness & munching cupcakes, with a kitty to keep us company. A new teapot. Chocolates. Flower fairies. Cutting & sticking tissue paper & photobooth photos. Cuddles & kisses. Developing Diana F+ photos; the unexpectedness, the nerves, the excitement. Father dearest's 50th birthday. Balloons. Presents. Football scoreboard birthday wishes. Crab with apple salad. Divine chocolate mousse. So good, so good.

6 smiles:

sara said...

hello there!
you have a very sweet blog <3

i love your idea about the film for each day. wouldn't that be wonderful?

i hope that you are doing well

Anonymous said...


It's just to say I've given you a blogging award on my blog.


days and days said...

hello there love, its beth from flickr. i hope you are well. i have changed my blog, i have a new one called 'days and days'. xox

Pixie July said...

I would enjoy that too!! Lovely, lovely ideas. xx

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oh you blog is simple beautiful! i am in love! your words, photos, everything is like magic!
beautiful. keep on keeping on!!!

erin meagan said...

those meals sound fantastic.
and one photo a day is a great idea!